PureProAirbrush-How Do I Color Match My Skin Tone?

How Do I Color Match My Skin Tone?
Your Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit includes a Family of four Pure Pro foundations. Take each foundation bottle and shake for 10-15 to ensure the water and minerals in the bottle are blended.
Place 4-5 drops of the Pure Pro Foundation that is closets to your skin tone in to the stylus. Spray a streak of foundation on the side of your face. If you find the foundation to be lighter than your desired tone and 1-2 drops of the foundation that is one shade darker. If the foundation is slightly darker than your desired tone add 1-2 drops of the lighter foundation that is one shade lighter. Remember, the lower the foundation numbers the lighter the color of the foundation.
When blending different foundations to achieve the perfect match, add the desired amount of each foundation color into your stylus. Next, gently place your finger on the front of the stylus where the makeup sprays out to block any air from coming out. Next, very gently pull the trigger back slightly and you will see the makeup bubbling in the stylus cup. Do not pull the trigger back too hard or the makeup will spill out of the stylus cup.
Once foundation is blended, gently begin to spray product onto your face using a circular motion. It's important to remember that you should spray a light even application of foundation all over your face. Never pull the airbrush throttle all the way back unless you are cleaning out your stylus. Pulling the trigger all the back will produce a very thick unattractive layer of foundation. Start with a light with coverage and then repeat step 2 until you achieve your desired results.

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